Lakewood Door Company

Not Just Windows. We Specialize in Doors & Siding too!

Although we started out as a window company in Lakewood, OH, we're not just a window company anymore.  Our team of qualified installers prides themselves on their work with doors and siding installations as well.  If you have home improvements or home renovations on your to-do list, contact Integrity Window Co. for a free estimate on all your window, door and siding needs. 

Below you can scroll through our gallery of recently installed entry doors, storm doors and security door jobs.  Typically our customers add a new door to their window replacement and/or siding projects but we will always do a door installation project on its own.  Our door selection is limitless - if someone makes it, we can install it.  Whatever your storm door, security door or entry door needs, we can find it, order it and install it.  View our most popular line of entry doors on our doors page and call us for a free estimate, or fill out our free estimate form and we'll get in touch with you.

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