When this home owner in Seven Hills, Ohio said they wanted a new entry door – one that let in full light during the day when they were home and wanted to enjoy the sun-rays coming in, but an entry door that also had the option for full privacy in the evening, or when they weren’t at home and didn’t want potential thieves looking into their front door, we knew that the entry door with blinds between the glass would be the perfect solution.

A lot of customers opt for frosted glass panes, or rain glass, which come in many options and can look extremely decorative, but the privacy glass doesn’t allow for full sunlight – which this customer definitely wanted. With the mini blinds inside the entry door, the homeowner can lift them entirely for the full sun coming through the entire glass pane, leaving them partially to control the amount of sunlight and privacy, or simply tilt them to let in the light without neighbors and passersby being able to see inside. As the home had beautiful furniture and removable wallpaper, the blinds blended well into the aesthetic, creating an atmosphere that is both chic and cozy at the same time. The blinds were encased between two panes of glass in the door so not only can they easily control both light and privacy with the touch of a finger, but they don’t have to deal with exposed cords and constant dusting found with traditional blinds.

Although these doors are available at any Cleveland area big box hardware store like Home Depot or Lowes, this customer saved money by using Lakewood-based Integrity Windows, savings that you would normally only get if you had something like a Raise cupon or another limited time offer at those stores. Not only that, the customer was able to get an education on all the door options before deciding for the mini blinds between the glass, and they supported the local economy, a win-win! Before you go to Home Depot, Lowes, or any big box hardware store to by your doors, windows or siding, give us a call. It costs nothing to get an estimate from a couple of local guys that want whats best for your home and your budget and we’re pretty sure when you compare the pros and cons we’ll get the job!

(we’re still trying to think of the cons involved with saving money and supporting a local business while getting more options and a higher quality but we still can’t think of any)

Seven Hills: New Entry Door with Mini Blinds Inside
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