Bay Window vs. Bow Window. Which is Which?

Do you want more natural light in the house and have a perfect spot for a large window, or even an amazing reading nook? Is the bay or bow window you inherited from a home you purchased drafty, has broken seals or rotting wood? It's time to call around some local window companies or do some online research but is it a bay window or bow window? Here's some quick tips to know the difference:

Bay Windows

Bay windows typically consist of 3 windows,  a center picture window (one that does not open), with a casement window or double hung window on each side. In some cases the center picture window is replaced by two operable windows (pictured on this page). Bay windows are usually the ones that make the best sitting spots because they come out from the house more.

Bow Windows

An easy way to identify a bow window is to think of the shape of a bow (i.e. bow and arrow). They sit closer to the home and make a gradual curve, typically made up of four or more windows of all the same size. Bow windows are ideal for spaces with 80 inches or more and can even "bow" around a corner.


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