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Also referred to as the Polaris® Series 8000 Collection, our UltraWeld vinyl replacement windows are “ultra-welded” at every corner to create seamless and strong windows.  Comfort, energy efficiency, ease of operation and ownership are built into every Series 8000, UltraWeld, vinyl replacement window while the Polaris brand means your new vinyl windows will retain their pristine appearance and weather tight barrier for a lifetime.

Better Thermal Performance, Thermal Break and Condensation Protection: advanced fiberglass reinforced resin inserts, designed to slide easily into window and door frame chambers for greater support and insulation perform up to 700 times better than aluminum in material-to-material comparisons, are impervious to cold or heat and helps to prevent staining that can occur with condensation in windows with metal reinforcements.

Continuous Interlock Improves Window Performance: meeting rails join with a continuous over & under interlock. Condensation and air filtration are reduced. Many competitors notch-out lock area, sacrificing performance.

Maintenance-Free Vinyl: our maintenance-free vinyl retains its color and smooth surface. Vinyl is not a thermal conductor. Multi-chamber extrusions are strong and provide additional insulation. Fusion Welded Vinyl Corners create strong, seamless frame and sash units.

Separate Extrusion for Head of Window: with a separate extrusion for the head of our vinyl replacement windows we have twice as much sash & frame overlap when closed which prevents air infiltration.

True Sloped Sill: Rain runs straight off the sloped sill away from the home with no weep holes to clog. A poor design filters rain run-off through the window extrusion and out weep holes where weep holes can clog.

Energy Saving Features: EnergySMART®glass is standard in every Polaris®window. These insulated glass (IG) units are panes of glass sealed onto the Intercept® U-shaped steel spacer. Together, the spacer and sealant block temperature transfer and reduce condensation. We also offer many high-performance energySMART® upgrades. Low-E coating reduces ultra violet light damage and heat gain. Triple pane IG units have sound deadening properties. Argon or krypton gas fill between panes further reduces temperature transfer. Ask about ENERGY STAR qualified upgrades.

Higher Quality Replacement Windows with a Variety of Options

Polaris® Windows: Ohio Based

Although we sell and install windows for more than one manufacturer, we find that many of our Cleveland area customers choose Polaris®- a very high quality window at a reasonable price. Polaris Windows & Doors, an Ohio-based window and door manufacturer, is recognized throughout the industry as a leader in product innovation and design. Their products are continuously evolving with cutting-edge durability and energy efficiency while each new line is thoroughly tested at their own development facility as well as rigid testing from outside independent testing laboratories.

Contact Integrity Windows to learn more about vinyl replacement windows by Polaris, or the other windows we may recommend for your needs and budget.

Are you in the market for vinyl replacement windows but don't want to break the bank while at the same time you don't want to buy cheap windows that won't last or perform? And how can you know ahead of time which windows will under-perform when all the window companies promote how their windows are the best?  If you're looking for the best in vinyl replacement windows within a budget, then you need a local company, run by local guys, that have been in the industry long enough to know which windows perform and which aren't worth the extra money.  At Integrity Windows in the Cleveland area (Lakewood) we treat each customer with the time and respect that's needed to make the best recommendations for your budget.  We're local guys working with Ohio window and door manufacturers to make sure we sell and install the best vinyl replacement windows throughout Cleveland at prices that work for our customers.

If you're shopping around Cleveland window companies than you know all windows are not created equal.  All window installers are not either, and all window manufacturers also have their differences.  Let the window experts at Integrity Windows learn more about what you're looking for so we can make the best recommendations for your vinyl replacement windows - ones you can afford that will leave you more than satisfied with your window investment.


Replacement Windows
UltraWeld Window Types


  • Sash Limit Locks allow secure partial opening.
  • Heavy Duty Sash Lock & Keeper for added security.
  • Recessed Tilt Latches allow both sashes to tilt in completely for easy cleaning.
  • 3/4” True-Position® Balance System ensures easy operation and never slips.
  • Continous Over & Under Interlock prevents air infiltration.
  • energySMART® Glass for thermal performance.
  • Welded Frame & Sash Corners for superior strength and performance.
  • Optional Foam-Filled Main Frame adds strength and insulating performance. Triple Weather Stripping.


The hardware for these windows has been recently updated. Cranks, hinges and locks operate effortlessly and are designed with style and strength. Casement windows can be cleaned from inside the home because the hinged side of the sash slides away from the frame when fully opened. Awning windows provide ventilation even during rainy days. Upgrade and modernize your basement with hopper windows.


Sashes remove from the inside for easy cleaning. Full length pull rails are part of sash extrusion, not added later. Sash rails have a continuous interlock which virtually eliminates air infiltration.


Add depth, charm, and light to your Cleveland area home with these custom-engineered windows. Choose a bay window with its expansive picture window flanked with either double hung or casement windows. Select a bow window with double hung, casement and/or fixed windows. Add an herb garden to your kitchen with a garden window. These custom built units are structurally strong and are extremely well insulated.

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