This beautiful house on the river in Rocky River, Ohio has a gorgeous room on the top floor with windows surrounding all four sides. Although the view of the Rocky River is most appealing, the drafts were not. And in the warmer months, with the sun beating down through the windows at all times of the day, the room got unbearably warm as the inefficient windows were not keeping the air conditioned air inside and the heat from the sun was magnified by the glass.   

Energy Efficient Replacement Windows Transforms Living Space

When this Rocky River couple called Integrity Windows of Lakewood they wanted an affordable price for quality windows. They weren't interested in games and under-handed window sales tactics like "buy one get one free" windows or a three hour long sales presentation to impress them about how each replacement window is manufactured. They just wanted a local company, with local people, to come take measurements and give them the fair price for high quality windows and a professional installation. The window had to do the best job to help regulate the temperature in the room, save the heat from escaping and keep the air conditioned air inside on the hot Cleveland days (you, know - all ten of them). 

UltraWeld Premium Vinyl Replacement Windows: Best Performance

After this Rocky River family told us what they wanted - maximum natural light, high-performing, maintenance free, easy to clean with a high-quality look and construction that will last, within a budget, we recommended the UltraWeld Collection of vinyl replacement windows by Polaris, Ohio-based manufacturer. With better thermal performance, thermal break and condensation protection: advanced fiberglass reinforced resin inserts, designed to slide easily into window and door frame chambers for greater support and insulation perform up to 700 times better than aluminum in material-to-material comparisons, are impervious to cold or heat and helps to prevent staining that can occur with condensation in windows with metal reinforcements, these windows were the highest quality at affordable pricing.

Energy Saving Replacement Windows

Another reason Integrity Windows stands behind the Polaris window manufacturer is their EnergySMART® glass that is standard in every Polaris® window. These insulated glass (IG) units are panes of glass sealed onto the Intercept® U-shaped steel spacer. Together, the spacer and sealant block temperature transfer and reduce condensation. This Rocky River family opted to take one of the many energySMART® upgrades - the Low-E coating designed specifically to reduce ultra violet light damage and heat gain with argon gas fill between panes to further reduce any temperature transfer. 

At Integrity Windows of Lakewood we install a substantial amount of new windows, doors and vinyl siding in and around Rocky River, Ohio. Scroll through some of our Rocky River jobs below.

New Replacement Windows for Rocky River House on the River
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