New Pella Wooden Replacement Windows Transforms This 3-Season Room

Rocky River Replacement Windows Pella Replacement WIndows Integrity Windows in Lakewood This customer in Rocky River had a beautiful room with a lovely three season room in the back.  The homeowner spent a lot of time in her three season room, enjoying the sun while tending to her plants, reading a good book or entertaining neighbors and friends.  However, the old aluminum windows didn’t do anything to keep the cold out in the winter.  The windows would frost-up and allow moisture to get into the three season room, so our homeowner had to move all her plants and all her wicker furniture into storage at the end of fall – only to get it all out again in early spring.

Wood Replacement Windows Give Room a Classy Cottage Feel

By the time our Rocky River home owner had contacted us for quotes on replacement windows, she knew exactly what she wanted – wood replacement windows to go along with the cottage feel she has enjoyed in this three season room over the years. With the hard wood floors and wood walls, this homeowner had created an oasis for enjoying nature, the sun, her landscaping outside, her plants inside, the birds nearby at the feeders and everything else her property had to offer from the privacy of inside her home – no bugs, rain, wind or nosy neighbors to bother with.


Tim Folger met with her at her Rocky River home to see the three season room, take some measurements and review her wooden replacement window options – types of windows, wood, interior finish, hardware, unique shapes, etc. After making all of the selections, we ordered the Pella windows and our professional team of installers took over the project when the windows arrived.  Keep in mind, they are professional installers, not professional photographers, so you’ll have to excuse the lack of pictures.

We are thrilled to report that the homeowner was absolutely thrilled with how the new wood replacement windows look and it seemed to us even more thrilled that she won’t have to move any furniture this winter and her plants will stay happy in their new four-season room!  If you’re interested in having Integrity Windows help you transform a three-season room, or any replacement window project, call us at our Lakewood, Ohio office or fill out our free estimate form.

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Pella Wood Replacement Windows in Rocky River
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