A Window Quote is Good Through Year-End

The "Stay at Home Order" has been lifted in Ohio and we've all switched to "staying safe." Here at Integrity Windows our window manufacturers continued to run as an essential business throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and so did we.  We will continue to prioritize the health of our customers and our staff, and in this time of fear and apprehension over the coronavirus, that will likely require some additional steps.  From our sales manager and operations manager to the installation team, we tailor our approach to your comfort level.

Free windows and doors quotes

Quote Requests in April & May

We were pleasantly surprised at the volume of home owners getting quotes on replacement windows and new doors this spring. We know many of you were stuck at home from March through May and were getting around to researching those home improvements projects you've been putting off -maybe just kicking tires and seeing if this is the year to pull the trigger on the new windows and doors. We hope it is and when you're ready to circle back around and choose who earns your business we hope it's Integrity Windows and Doors of Lakewood.

While you're thinking about it, consider these three tips:

1. Beat the Window Quote Expiration Date

Did you know windows quotes can expire? If you read the fine print on many quotes it usually lists an expiration date. At Integrity Windows and Doors our manufacturers increase prices each year, around February, so our promise to customers is that any estimate put together in 2020 is good throughout 2020. Each year our free quotes are good through the year we created the estimate.

Warning: If a company is telling you the quote from April or May is no longer valid in June or July, you may want to check out "High Pressure Window Sales Tactics: Sign Now to Save 50%"

2. Plan for the Weather and the Fun

At Integrity Windows and Doors we are installing windows and doors all year round, yes - even in the winter. However, spring and fall are usually the busiest window and door installation times because it's still nice enough weather for an opening in your home not to be disruptive and summer months are typically packed with graduation parties, family reunions, company picnics and vacations.  This year, with the coronavirus delaying summer festivities, plan your window and door installations now so we can get them custom ordered and installed before August.

3. Avoid Window Sales Tricksters

Hang in there. We know it can be frustrating. We hear all the horror stories about the "buy one get one free" window tricks and the "$199 replacement window" bait and switch scam. We know our industry is fraught with unscrupulous window sales tactics, so much so that 1) We named ourselves Integrity Windows and Doors to convey that we do things with integrity and 2) we try to help home owners by writing "How to Avoid Window Sales Tricks and Scams." At Integrity Window and Doors we don't follow up relentlessly, we don't play negotiations with pricing - we give you our best price every-time and we wait for you to tell us to move forward with the job.

Let Us Know When You're Ready for New Windows and Doors

So whether you've gotten a quote already and would like us to place the order or you're still getting estimates, call the team at Integrity Windows and Doors. We're open, we're working hard and we're ready to get started on your job. Support local, buy your windows and doors with integrity and contact us today: 216-221-5800

How Long is a Window Quote Good For?
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