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Integrity Windows of Lakewood was again honored to be the choice of local window companies for this replacement window job in late June. The house, a beautiful Tudor style home built in 1931 on Clifton Boulevard in Lakewood, had over 20 windows to replace. This home is a multi-family, with a large upstairs unit, and has a total of well over 3,000 square feet to keep warm and comfortable throughout our sticky summers and freezing-cold winters Cleveland is known for.

Old-Style Rope and Pulley Wood Windows

These old rope and pulley style windows from this original Lakewood home on Clifton Boulevard bring back memories. Some memories are maybe of a simpler time but many memories are about the amount of air coming in through single pane, inefficient windows, as well as inoperable windows -some painted shut and ones that were just so rotted or warped they were nearly impossible to open and close.

If you grew up in the Cleveland area, and are over 40 years old, then you have definitely been exposed to these very cool, vintage pulley windows. Whether it was a grandmother's house, a friend's house or maybe the house you grew up in, the Cleveland area is full of homes just like this gorgeous Tudor style on Clifton Boulevard. These houses built up the Cleveland area in the 20s and 30s and many still have their original wooden pulley system windows with single pane glass.

It's hard for many homeowners to take out such an iconic symbol of the past.  These old windows were very well made and have definitely stood up to the test of time - likely as a result of a hardworking homeowner keeping up the endless maintenance.  The windows we replaced on this job were over 85 years old! However, no matter how much you use the unsightly storm windows to address the massive heat loss, sand and repaint the wood, replace wood rot and re-string the counterbalance system, at some point these windows are just a maintenance nightmare draining your energy bill and the repairs start to cost more than a replacement.

Double Hung Replacement Windows: Low Maintenance & High Energy Efficiency

Ultimately these home-owners said goodbye to their 1930s windows and replaced them with new double hung windows, with a grid, that are easy to clean, low maintenance and so energy efficient we are really looking forward to finding out how much their energy bill will plummet this winter!  Not to mention, how happy they were to get rid of those old aluminum storm windows that were unsightly and another hassle to store in the summer and install in the winter.

Finance Your Cleveland Replacement Windows

Although Integrity Windows prides ourselves on straight-forward, affordable prices with no high-pressure sales tactics, windows are not cheap and a window replacement job like this, with 28 windows, can be a substantial investment. New windows will lower the energy bills and bring more money when it's time to sell the home, but that doesn't put money in the bank today - it saves money from coming out of the bank tomorrow. Luckily Integrity Windows partners with Dollar Bank to help home owners finance replacement window projects that may not be in the budget.

Contact Integrity Windows in Lakewood to discuss your window options and find out how soon we can reduce your energy bills, improve your comfort and make your home look new again with new replacement windows, patio and entry doors from Integrity Windows. Get a free quote.

Replacement Windows Cleveland: New Windows on Clifton Blvd
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