Great Big Home + Garden Show 2019

So another Great Big Home + Garden Show is behind us. We hope you got a chance to stop by our booth at the I-X Center. If you did, you likely met either Cary Slabaugh, owner and founder of Integrity Windows, very serious about being a long-time resident and business owner in the Lakewood community, and an avid golfer and overall good guy (learn more about Cary). Or, if you came on the weekend or evenings, you may have met our resident funny guy - Tim Folger, sales manager, part-time Cleveland comedian, recently overwhelmed with the fan fare from appearing on the cover of Cleveland's Boomer magazine (read more about that at our post "Tim Folger – Cleveland Comedian and VP of Sales for Integrity Windows"). And there's a slight chance that you could have met Dan Casto, Operations Manager, the serious one of the bunch. Dan keeps the other two guys organized, answers the phone and uses his big brain to keep track of all the customers, measurement and installations. He's usually chained to the desk, but he did find some time to work the booth over the ten day span, and you may have met Dan.

Best Cleveland Window Company at the Show

If you were at the show then you must have noticed the fifty other Cleveland window companies. Most were the big named, national brands but there were a few small-town local guys like us. We were the ones with no gimmicks, no give-aways, just the windows and doors from our Lakewood showroom and the table and chairs from our office. At Integrity Windows we don't believe in the sales gimmicks and tricky strategies to sell windows and doors. We believe in helping you wade through the decisions you'll want to make in new replacement windows - vinyl replacement windows: good, better, best or wooden windows by Pella. We help you decide on all the extra features for easy-cleaning, energy efficiency, colors, grilles, hardware and the many other options. We don't do any tricky math with false buy one, get one free window promotions. We don't start high and negotiate down. We figure how much the windows will cost, add the labor for our amazing window installation team and then we cover the cost of doing business and making a living. We keep our costs low all year round because we don't pay hundreds of thousands on advertising. You never feel pressure at Integrity Windows because and we're not churning and burning a commissioned sales team like so many other window companies in the industry. You get honesty, fairness and integrity.

So, if we missed you at Cleveland's I-X Center this month stop by our Lakewood showroom. There you can meet the team in person, open and close some of our showroom windows and doors, see all the industry options and get a feel for what's it like to do business with a local Cleveland area window company that does business the right way - with Integrity.  Get a free estimate now.


Cleveland Window Companies at the Great Big Home & Garden Show
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