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Wood Window Replacement in Shaker Heights

Vinyl Windows not Permitted in Shaker Heights Landmark Properties or Districts

If you live in Shaker Heights, especially if you live in a landmark property or district of Shaker Heights, then you know that vinyl windows are not permitted. You can find more details about home repairs, including window replacement, roof replacement and more on the City of Shaker Heights website under their FAQ page in the Planning section. 

If your windows are drafty or dated you'll likely want to visit the site where they answer questions including:

  • "Is a permit required to install new windows in my Shaker Height home?" and 
  • "If I do decide to replace windows, which is better, wood or vinyl?"  The site also explicitly states that
  • "Vinyl windows are not permitted in local landmark properties or districts." 

It's because of this rule that Integrity Windows often installs wood windows throughout Shaker Heights.  As their website says, wooden windows are structurally sound, last longer, allow more flexibility with exterior and interior color schemes and weather well against the elements. 

Pella Wooden Windows with Aluminum Cladding

This particular job in Shaker Heights was to replace old wooden windows that had become drafty and were a maintenance nightmare. The original windows had a wooden exterior which needed to be painted regularly. After talking with Dan Casto and Tim Folger of the Integrity Windows team this Shaker Heights home owner chose the ultimate in wooden replacement windows, Pella. These Pella windows are the highest rated in energy efficiency and have aluminum clad exterior that doesn't need to be painted.

Learn more about our Pella wood windows here and call the Integrity Windows team at (216)221-5800 for a free estimate or fill out our free estimate form and we'll return your request with an email within one business day.

Replacing Wood Windows in Shaker Heights
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