movemberWe’ve all heard of Brovember, a month many men use for doing man-cave type stuff with their “bro’s” like hunting and tail-gating and weight-lifting competitions. Or Movember and no-shave November. All three have been phrases coined to celebrate manly events and in-turn hope to increase awareness and fundraisers for men’s health issues. There are even two charitable organizations called Brovember and Movember that both seek to grow cancer awareness and men’s health awareness while fueling fund-raisers and Brovember/Movember activities throughout the month of November that focus on men’s health. But what do you know about Windowber?
(Can’t be much because we just made it up!)

Windowber: The Month for Windows

So what is Window-ber? It’s a reminder that October is the best month to think about your windows! Either you have new replacement windows (hopefully from Integrity Windows) and Windowber is the month to get them ready for winter, or you haven’t yet bought new replacement windows and Windowber is the month to pull the trigger (again, hopefully with Integrity Windows). Depending on your situation, click on the links below to either get some Windowber window care tips for October or learn more about why October is the month you should get your new replacement windows.

Why October is the BEST Month to Buy New Replacement Windows

Look, we’re not just saying that October is the best month to buy windows because it’s October and we sell windows (although we could see why it would look that way). There are actually FOUR solid reasons why October is, in fact, the best month to buy new windows when you live in the Cleveland area (hint: one of them definitely has to do with weather). And even if it isn’t the best timing for replacing windows in the whole house, consider celebrating Windowber with new replacement on the first floor, or just the upstairs, for the four reasons found in:
Windowber: Because October is the Best Month to Buy New Replacement Windows.

CLeaning New Vinyl Replacement WindowsWhy October is the BEST Month to Take Care of Your Vinyl Windows

October is also a great month to clean up the windows and window frames before the winter hits. Let’s face it – who wants to open those windows in the winter? But not all of the stains hanging out on your vinyl window frames should wait for spring. We’re talking lipstick, crayons, paint, grease, grass, etc. But before you go scratching that beautiful vinyl, click here for a list of which household cleaners to use on which stains. How to Properly Maintain Your New Vinyl Replacement Windows

Windowber: The Month for Windows
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