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Have you seen our trucks or vans driving around Cleveland or parked in your neighborhood?  Maybe you've been stuck behind one of our vehicles in the Cleveland traffic and was able to clearly read "Window Guy" on the back of our fleet. So who is the "Window Guy?" and why do we have it on our trucks and vans?

We are a Local Cleveland Area Business and We Like to Have Fun

Cleveland Local Window CompanySo at Integrity Windows we LOVE what we do. We're a bunch of locals running this amazing company in Lakewood, OH, where we charge an honest and fair price for high quality replacement windows, entry doors, storm doors and more but we do not take ourselves so seriously that we don't have fun. So we added "Window Guy" to our branding because although we want all our customers to remember the brand, "Integrity Windows," they always call us the Window Guy instead.

We're All Called the Window Guy. Meet our Team at Integrity Windows:

So who is the Window Guy? Well, first Cary Slabaugh was the Window Guy. Back when he was running Integrity Windows out of his Lakewood home, over 15 years ago, he would be the one working with the customer through every step of the replacement window process and they all called him the Window Guy. When he called to follow up on a free quote, or schedule a meeting, you could always hear the customer telling their spouse "it's the Window Guy calling."  When he would ring the door bell he could hear the customers saying inside, before coming to the door, "the Window Guy is here."

Over the past fifteen years Integrity Windows has gotten bigger. We have a small sales team, not just Cary, and we have a cozy showroom location not far from Cary's house on Madison Avenue in Lakewood. So it's not Cary always coming to the customer's house. And now the "Window Guy" could be Tim Folger, our Sales Manager who frequently responds to free estimate requests.  Or if you live in the Cliff Towers in Rocky River, you would probably call our Ron Anders the "Window Guy."  Ron lives in Cliff Towers and was so impressed with the quality, price and process he received as an Integrity Windows customer, he joined our sales team and has been responsible for many replacement windows projects at the Cliff Towers. For that reason, Cliff Towers residents call Ron Anders the "Window Guy."

Call the "Window Guy" for a Free Estimate

So whether you want to talk with Cary, Tim, Ron or our Operations Manager Dan Casto, call our window guys for a free estimate today. Now is the best time for getting a quote on replacement windows and new entry doors. Decrease energy costs with more energy efficient windows and doors and improve curb appeal and comfort with windows and doors you love!

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