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Why is September the Best Month for Calling Integrity Windows?

When is the best time of the year to get replacement windows in the Cleveland area?  The best time to call for your free replacement windows estimate is this month, September! Why is September the best month to start your replacement windows project? Weather, comfort, daylight hours and wait time. Let us go into more details:

1. Weather:

Cleveland Replacement WindowsBecause of the weather in Cleveland, you want to plan getting your new replacement windows on a day that isn't crazy hot and muggy or too cold or windy.  There are definitely months in Cleveland that have typically more nice days and October is a great month for weather.

Integrity Windows' expert window installers will remove all your existing windows first, and then professionally install your new replacement windows. Although we move fast, our installers do not cut corners. They take the time necessary to make sure each of your new replacement windows or doors are installed with perfection. This will leave your home open to the outdoor temperature for a good part of the day.

The Cleveland summer months can be so hot and humid that it takes a whole day to cool the house back down to comfortable levels after a replacement windows installation. And of course the Cleveland winters can leave the house unbearably cold for hours following the installation.

Call Integrity Windows in September to take advantage of your window and door installation in October (or Windowber, as we like to call it).

2. Comfort:

Cleveland Replacement WindowsBecause the weather is most comfortable, and winged bugs (mosquitoes, black flies, horse flies, gnats) less relentless in September and October in our Cleveland area, getting your new replacement windows in these two months will keep your home the most comfortable. As mentioned above, when we install new replacement windows your house is open to the elements, but we don't want you to be uncomfortable, so calling us by September will allow your window installment project to be scheduled in the more comfortable early fall months.

In the summer it will take some time to get the house cooled back down to comfortable levels and in the winter it will take some time to warm the house back up.

So call Integrity Windows for a free estimate on your windows or doors in September to make your replacement window project done comfortably!


3. Daylight Hours:

replace Cleveland windows in September

When thinking about getting new replacement windows it isn't likely you've thought about the length of a day, or the amount of daylight. However, the amount of daylight has a big impact on how many jobs can get done in a day.

For example, the expert window installation team of Integrity Windows can typically complete three window installation projects in a day with 15 hour of sunlight, June through August.

In September our Cleveland daylight quickly drops to 13 hours, with less than 12 hours of daylight in October and barely ten hours in November. With diminishing daylight hours, we have less time to get these window installations done, so calling Integrity Windows for a free estimate in September can result in new windows by October instead of waiting into November or December, when the weather is less comfortable and reliable.

4. Less Wait Time:

no waiting for windowsNo one likes to wait. We get it. We're the same way. Once you get a free estimate on your replacement windows, and you've decided to move forward, we know you're excited to get those new windows in your house.

Ordering your windows in September will reduce your wait time because we're likely to have more good weather days, more daylight and can schedule your job as soon as your custom windows and doors arrive, rather than waiting later in the year.

Replacement Windows Cleveland: September is the Best Month for a Free Quote
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