New Sliding Glass Doors in Rocky River

This Bay Village family have lived in this wonderful Bay Village home for many decades, unhappily struggling with the original windows from construction in the 1980's. Most of the "construction-grade quality" windows through our neighborhoods in Bay Village, Westlake, North Olmsted and other Cleveland west-side suburbs are not the highest quality windows, a common practice for builders in the 80's and 90's (and even today) to reduce costs and increase profits for a new construction home.  Unfortunately, after 15 years (or less) a builder-grade, vinyl window will need replacing. They loose their energy efficiency, become harder to open and close and are ineffective at keeping that cold air out and that energy bill low. Even the highest quality vinyl replacement windows, assuming they were properly installed by professional window installers, will typically deliver about 25 years of a tight, energy efficient seal to keep your air conditioned air in and hot air out during the summer while retaining the heat and properly protecting from the cold air outside during the winter.  So with a builder-grade window, after over 30 years, this Bay Village home was ready for new vinyl replacement windows to keep the home comfortable all year long, improve energy efficiency and lower the energy bill - not to mention look amazing!

Premium Vinyl Patio Doors


  • This vinyl compound retains its pristine appearance for a lifetime.
  • Fusion welding at door panel corners transforms for vinyl extrusions into a strong, one-piece door.
  • Sloped, aluminum-reinforced sill guides rainwater outside and away.
  • Our maintenance-free vinyl formulation continuously maintains its color as well as its smooth surface.
  • Smooth gliding, solid steel zinc-plated tandem rollers, with an Iridium coating on exposed parts to protect against corrosion.
  • Energy efficient vinyl is not a thermal conductor.
  • Low-E film fixed between glass panes reduces ultra-violet light damage and heat gain. Argon filling in both air spaces resists temperature.
  • Our extruded aluminum screen frames are much stronger than roll formed frames.
  • Products put through rigorous testing by R&D, who ensures quality.


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New Sliding Doors Transform Space in Rocky River
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