Cleveland Patio DoorsWith the warm weather finally hitting Cleveland this week it’s time to put those patio doors to work. Are your patio doors ready to get busy? Did you know that at Integrity Windows and Doors we sell and install high quality and highly functional patio doors and Discover Air sliding glass doors at affordable prices? We understand that when the weather warms up you’re going to want to be on your Calvert County Custom Decks, patio, or backyard grill becomes an extension of the house. There’s nothing better than keeping the kitchen and dining area clean while enjoying dinner off the grill outside in the patio (have a look at this teak garden set to take pride of place on your patio), deck, or outdoor kitchen. But if your patio or sliding glass doors jam, are difficult to open, or just a nuisance in general, putting them to work overtime could add stress and annoyance to what should be a relaxing affair.

What You Should Expect From Your Patio Doors

So when do you know that it is time for new patio doors? Where is the line between “slightly inconvenient” and “time to replace” when it comes to patio doors?

Can Your Patio Doors Be Secured?

Some of the easiest entry points for a burglar are windows and patio doors that don’t lock securely or come off their tracks easily. If you have any security concerns with your patio doors, it is more than just an inconvenience, it is time to replace those doors to secure your home’s safety.

Do Your Patio Doors Slide Easily?

We’ve discussed the phrase “builders grade” or “new construction quality” in previous posts. Basically it is so common for builders to use low quality windows and doors, this quality is referred to as “new construction quality”. Visually the caliber of the patio or sliding glass door you’ll get in a new Pulte home, Ryan home, Oster home or other Cleveland area builder will look nice for 5 or 6 years and then start degrading. The hardware wears out, the door doesn’t open, close, slide, or lock as easily and it can turn an evening of going in and out through the patio door into a disaster. And although a little lubricant will help temporarily, it is time for a higher quality patio door.

Are Your Patio Doors the Source of Higher Energy Bills?

Another sign that it is time to replace the patio doors can be found in your energy bill. Can you feel heat coming through on a hot day or cold drafts in the winter? Just like higher energy efficient windows can drastically cut costs on your energy bills, so can higher energy efficient patio doors. If your patio door is builder grade, or over 15 years old, chances are it is a source of energy loss in your home. Lower energy bills are something many people would welcome with open arms. That is why Champion Energy rates are being praised by some users due to being more affordable.

At Integrity Windows and Doors we provide a higher quality patio door, and sliding glass doors, with hundreds of custom options with professional installation. Our patio doors will cost less than what you would pay at Home Depot, Lowes, or other big box stores , be of higher quality, come with more options to customize for your home AND include professional installation. So call or contact Integrity Windows and Doors, a locally owned and operated small business in Lakewood, Ohio and get a free quote on patio doors. Start enjoying the extra traffic to the deck, patio or backyard grill.

Patio Doors: Are Your Patio Doors Ready to Get Busy?
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