Dominion's Energy Efficient Home Rebates Include Up to $450 on Our Replacement Windows & Doors

Get Your Replacement Windows Now and Take Advantage of Rebates from Dominion

If you live in the Cleveland area chances are good that you heat with natural gas and are a Dominion East Ohio customer - the two things you need to qualify for up to $450 in rebates from Dominion for your new energy-efficient windows and door from Integrity Windows of Lakewood.

Hurry - First Come First Serve

However, the Home Performance With Energy Star Program is not indefinite.  The program is offered on a first-come, first-served basis and is available until their funding is spent or the Program is discontinued by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio. So if you know that you're loosing heat, or air conditioning, through your current windows and doors and you need replacement windows and a replacement door - storm door, patio door, front door - hurry.  You don't want to miss out on up to $1,250 in rebates for your energy efficient home improvements.

Step 1. Order the home energy assessment from Dominion for $25. You can fill out a form online or call 877-287-3416.  Remember, you have to be a Dominion customer, so have your account information at the ready.

Step 2. Choose the recommendations to take action on. Your assessment includes a report with the auditor's recommendations that can include anything from adding insulation to installing new replacement windows and doors. 

Step 3. Contact Integrity Windows and Doors, an approved contractor through the Home Performance with Energy Star Program.  Show us your audit report and we'll help you calculate how much of a rebate you'll receive after installing new replacement windows and doors with Integrity Windows.  On their website the Home Performance with Energy Star Program lists average rebates for a single-level, 1,500 sq, ft, home:

Window Replacement: Incentive Rate 15 windows x $25/window = $375
Exterior Door: Incentive Rate 1 door x $75/door = $75


Dominion Provides Discounts & Rebates on Energy Efficient Windows & Home Improvements
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