When you think of Integrity Windows and Doors of Lakewood you may be familiar with us from seeing our yard signs on a lawn as we provide new replacement windows or sliding doors. You may think of our showroom on Madison that you've driven by in Lakewood. Or maybe you've seen us at the Home + Garden Show or another Cleveland area local event. Very few people would associate Integrity Windows with commercial window replacement or commercial installation of entry doors, security doors or sliding doors.  Well, we actually have substantial experience with commercial window projects and a handful in our portfolio.

High Quality Commercial Windows for Brewery & Event Center

The team at Integrity Windows & Doors of Lakewood recently completed another commercial windows job this past summer at the Blue Heron Brewery & Event Center in Medina, Ohio.  The project included 48 high quality windows - purchase and installation. As you can see from the pictures, the windows are beautiful, letting in maximum light while also including casement windows with the ability to open wide and provide substantial fresh air flow.

The Blue Heron Golf Club in Medina was considered one of the best public courses upon opening in 2005, but unfortunately the course closed after only six seasons in 2011. The clubhouse sat vacant, while the golf course has been transformed into a park with walking and biking trails. In 2016 the banquet center was purchased by Restaurateur Bill Rini, his wife and two partners to launch what is now the Blue Heron Brewery and Event Center.

Commercial Replacement Windows: Energy Efficient

Although many of the home owners we usually work with on replacement window projects are motivated to enjoy the new energy efficiency of replacement windows - eager to save money on that heating bill while being more comfortable in their home, it is substantially more motivating on our commercial projects.  It can be much more difficult to keep a commercial building at a comfortable temperature with their higher ceilings and open spaces that make it more difficult to contain heat. In this commercial window project these new windows not only give the new event center and brewery a fresh feel with a beautiful view and plenty of natural light, but the savings in energy use to keep the newly renovated building comfortable will deliver a quick return on investment.

Cleveland Area Commercial Window and Door Jobs

Just his past year we had a job in Lakewood where we added a new glass commercial door to a pet store business. See Commercial Door in Lakewood post.  We're also working on another Lakewood project to replace all the windows and glass patio/balcony doors in a Lakewood apartment building - Commercial Replacement Windows: Lakewood Apartment Building.  You'll also see some of our commercial jobs on our commercial window projects page that highlights a replacement windows job we did in Bedford, Ohio for an office building, including commercial picture windows and commercial awning windows, with custom bronze tint.  And we also have pictures from a steel casement commercial window replacement job at a manufacturing facility.

If you help to manage the expenses in your commercial building, contact Integrity Windows and Doors for a free estimate and start saving money on your energy bills today with affordable, high quality windows and doors that are professionally installed on every job.

Commercial Window Installation Project: Blue Heron Event Center Medina
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