All of the sliding windows sold and installed by Integrity Windows & Doors of Lakewood are visually sleek, exceptionally strong, easy to clean, high energy performance and provide a smooth gliding action to open. Our Mezzo sliding windows and Polaris gliders are two of the most popular brands in the Cleveland area because of their visual appeal, energy star ratings, functionality and affordability. The window sash removes from the inside for easy cleaning and the rails meet with interlocking technology that practically eliminates any airflow when windows are shut tight during our winter months.

As with all the windows at Integrity Windows & Doors, the gliding windows and sliding windows (phrases used interchangeably depending on window manufacturer) come in a limitless variety of colors, glass types, hardware options, grilles, decorative glass, etc. The sliding window installed at this Cleveland area home includes the grille-between-the-glass option which gives it the decorative look without adding to the maintenance of removing dust that builds up on a grille inside the window.

Sliding Windows
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