Soffit, Trim, and Decorative Accents Installed by your Cleveland Siding Contractors

At Integrity Windows we do more than just Cleveland area replacement windows.  Integrity Windows is happy to cover almost all of your home's exterior needs. We know there's nothing more relieving then coming home after a trip away, or a long day at work, and driving up to a house that looks well maintained.  Vinyl siding is by far one of the best investments you can make in your home because not only does it boast a 92.8% return on investment (ROI), you save time and money painting your home each year. We believe that having a happy life includes having a beautiful house to come home to and be proud of. Our siding contractors work throughout Cleveland to ensure our customers have best experience possible. Not only will they be impressed with a siding installation job well done, they are typically thrilled with higher energy efficiency and costs.

We have a wide range of trims, soffit, and decorative accents to create a unique style for your Cleveland area home.

Vinyl Soffit - Low Maintenance, Amazing Curb Appeal & Better Air Flow

Painting, priming, sealing, replacing rotted wood and other activities associated with maintaining the eaves and overhangs of your home is a time-consuming chore. Our vinyl siding soffit options all offer a beautiful finished appearance while providing the ventilation needed to remove excess heat and humidity from eaves, overhangs and attics.  Our high quality vinyl soffit options not only increase curb appeal, they resist sagging, improve air flow and are virtually maintenance-free. Vinyl soffits are an attractive, low-maintenance option for porch ceilings, overhangs, or focal points where you want to create high-impact appeal. 

Cleveland's Lake Effects Weather

Is your home along Lake Erie and subject to lake effects snow and higher winds? From Bay Village and Rocky River to Euclid and Willowick you know those winds can tear off siding if the previous owners didn't use the best siding installation company.  Not only will our siding installation team do an unbelievable job, if you're subject to lake effects weather our vinyl siding soffit has a weather-tested hurricane locking system ideal for high-wind areas throughout Cleveland and Lake Erie. 

Vinyl Trim Makes Your House Pop!

Have you ever envied the architectural appeal of some of Cleveland's historic homes?  Drive through Cleveland Heights, Ohio City, Tremont and some of Lakewood's old neighborhoods and it won't take long before the look of handcrafted trim, varying shingle styles and contrasting colors make you envy the attention to detail in many older homes.  With our vinyl trim options, bright color pallets and limitless shake, scallop and shingle shingle options there is no historic home design that can't be duplicated with gorgeous, functional, low-maintenance vinyl siding, trim and accents.  Our trim is designed to capture the look of handcrafted trim details, produce elegance with decorative bands, majestic columns and to emphasize key accents of your home. Trim can be used around windows, doors, outside corners, gable ends and along eaves. Integrity Windows of Lakewood offers a variety of sizes, colors, styles, thickness and more to create the ideal look for your home. 

Using Vinyl Siding Decorative Accents Adds Style to Your Home

Look, we'll be the first to admit that many houses with vinyl siding can look plain and lack creativity, but that doesn't have to be the case. if you love the contrasting colors and architectural accents that bring style to a home but you hate painting all those columns, peaks and trim vinyl siding with decorative accents and contrasting trim could be your solution. Decorative Accents are the finishing touches on a home of distinction. Vinyl shutters, gable vents, mounting blocks, moldings and mantels are engineered for a lifetime of function and provide a beautiful complement to your home’s design. Colorful mounting blocks can be used for light fixtures, mailboxes, doorbells, exhaust vents, fans and more.  Our vinyl shutter collection also features the natural look of textured wood with colors that go clear through - no fading. They are available in a variety of styles and sizes to complement the scale and architecture of your home. Transoms, elliptical shapes and quarter rounds provide that finishing touch as well as moldings and mantels to accent your new windows and doors. Available in classic style with optional keystones and decorative dentil trim styles. All are available in white, a variety of styles or could be paintable.

Best Quality Siding Contractors and Installation in Cleveland Ohio

Integrity Windows takes great pride in providing one of a kind experiences for our customers. We love seeing the faces of our customers after they've seen how we've changed their homes into their ideal living place. We create unique looks just for you with our array of sizes, products, and colors to find the one that fits you and your house the best. Our Cleveland based siding contractors love their jobs and what they do for people. Having the perfect home can really make a difference in someones life. We can guarantee you'll love your house and find the accents that complement or contrast with your siding perfectly.

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