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Old Aluminum Windows

Replacing Old Aluminum Windows?  Call the Professionals.

Although we didn't get before and after pictures on this Parma job, you can see the old windows on the right side of the house. They're old aluminum sliders, probably over 35 years old and have lost their functionality.   Old aluminum windows can be very challenging to replace for the DIY homeowner because the aluminum actually oxidizes over the years and the condensation that the aluminum transfers into the interior of the house over many cold Cleveland winters deteriorates the window units themselves. As professional window installers we're likely to encourage you to use a professional window company, but in the case of replacing old aluminum windows we say - it's not worth the hassle!  Call us.  You save money with our pricing deals from the manufacturers, get a better product than you would at a big box store and our professional team of window installers are InstallationMasters® certified to make sure you continue to benefit from the full energy efficiency and functionality of your new vinyl replacement windows. 

These single-paned windows in the Parma, OH house were no longer serving as a barrier for exterior temperatures, so the homeowners were spending a fortune on heating bills. After going over the prices and budget, the customer was very happy to choose the Thermal Weld 3-Section Slider Vinyl Replacement Windows, a popular choice for many Parma homes with a similar design. 

Vinyl Replacement Windows on a Budget

These happy customers in Parma, Ohio only replaced the front living room window for now, which is why we can use this picture to show the old aluminum window style we replaced. It isn't uncommon for our customers to replace one window at a time, or a few, and contact us again the following year to replace more as the budget allows.  Replacement windows can be expensive and not too many typical middle-class families in the Cleveland area have a few thousand dollars to replace them all at once.  We appreciate that which is why we work with your budget and consistently offer the most fair pricing on all our windows, doors and siding. It's how we do business - with integrity.  

You won't see "sales" and "discounts" at Integrity Windows because we don't mark-up our windows so much to turn around and entice the home owner with false "discounts."  We pay very fair prices from our top quality window manufacturers and charge enough to cover paying our installation crew and the costs of running a small local business - no hidden fees, no surprise costs and definitely not phony discount deals.  

In this case the home owners were comfortable investing in their living room window first - it was larger and was responsible for major heat loss, and in case you couldn't tell, we did this job in December! Even the home owners remarked the difference is like night and day between the old aluminum windows and the new vinyl windows.  They could immediately notice a drastic difference in heat retention, they're so easy to clean and look fantastic.  The energy savings will start immediately for the homeowner and of course they're also benefiting already from the added curb appeal thanks to our professionally installed vinyl replacement windows.  We'll be back in the spring when they're ready to replace the rest.

Replacement Windows in Parma, OH – New Vinyl to Replace Old Aluminum Sliders
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