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When this Parma, Ohio couple called us they were at their wits end with their front window.  Between the condensation, the fogged glass, the drafts coming in through the window and their disgust for how much the front window was detracting from the curb appeal of their lovely Parma home, they were ready to install a new window - ASAP!

With the multiple options available when getting replacement windows through Integrity Windows our first step is a free estimate. During this process Tim Folgers, our customer-focused sales manager, met with the home owners, assessed and measured the space, learned more about their complaints and what they would ideally like as a replacement window.  They wanted something energy efficient, with great curb appeal, easy to clean, a window that let in maximum sunlight and would last through our tough winters without falling apart, breaking seals and becoming foggy like the one they had now.

After Tim presented them with all the options that fit their need and their budget, the customers chose a Thermal Weld 3-section Slider made by Polaris and installed by our highly skilled and professional window installers. If only Tim, or our window installation team, had thought to take a "before" picture, we may have a more impressive contrast to show you in our gallery.  However, you can see that their new window from Integrity Windows looks amazing. No foggy glass, no drafts and very easy to clean!

For more information on our vinyl replacement windows go to our Vinyl Replacement Windows page and scroll through the thousands of options - exterior colors, grids, interior wood grains, latches, etc., and for more information about our team, check out our team page. Then call us at 216-221-5800 for your own free estimate and let us help you find the ideal replacement window for your budget.

Parma, OH Replacement Windows: Thermal Weld Three-Section Slider
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