Welcome to the Lakewood Showroom

Do you find shopping for replacement windows, entry doors, storm doors and vinyl siding a daunting and intimidating process? In this video Tim Folger gives you a sneak peak into the showroom and operations of Integrity Windows in Lakewood - nothing intimidating about these guys!

No Shenanigans Tim Folger

Have you ever thought windows had anything in common with brown bananas or day-old bread? Neither have we. That's why at Integrity Windows we don't pretend our windows are "on sale." Windows are made to order and aren't priced like produce and bakery items unless someone is trying to trick you into thinking you're getting a deal. At Integrity Windows we give you a transparent price without the funny math and fake discount shenanigans.

No Camping Out

If you've had to endure shady window sales tactics before, you may be familiar with the window sales guy that won't leave until you sign the agreement. Usually it's a "special price" that expires once he leaves. Or he might just camp out and small talk you to death until you feel bad enough to sign on the dotted line. Not Tim. Not Integrity Windows. It is very infrequent that we ever leave a free estimate call with a signed purchase agreement. We don't expect one. We assume you want to think about your window purchase and feel good about doing business with us so Tim helps to answer questions, measures windows, prepares an estimate, shakes your hand, thanks you for your hospitality and we'll get the installation date set when you call us to schedule the purchase of your replacement windows.

Tim Folger: Uncut

We can't really call these "bloopers" because that would indicate our other videos are scripted to perfection. These clips haven't made it to final production yet.

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