Where Do You Buy the Glass for Your Kitchen Cabinet Doors?

So either you've already received your new kitchen cabinets and have recently come to realize those beautiful cabinet doors with the glass inserts don't actually come with the glass, your kitchen remodeling contractor told you it's less expensive to buy the glass on your own and he'll install it, OR you're pricing out kitchen cabinets online and actually read the fine print that says "Cabinet Door Does Not Include Glass" and you need to know how much the glass in your cabinet doors will cost.  So what are you doing at our Integrity Windows website, a window, siding and door company out of Lakewood, Ohio?  Well we do more than just Cleveland area replacement windows.  Actually repairing glass windows, replacing glass panes and installing new replacement windows is all in the same line of work as getting the glass inserts for your gorgeous new kitchen cabinet doors and yes, we do that!  

Choosing the Glass for Your Kitchen Cabinet Glass Doors

There are many types of glass and patterned glass to choose from and we work directly with a patterned glass fabrication company that makes daily deliveries to the Cleveland area so place the kitchen cabinet door glass order now and you'll likely get your glass inserts in the kitchen before the cabinets even arrive.

People tend to choose the patterned glass for their kitchen cabinets because there's only one thing worse than finger prints and smudges getting in the way of enjoying your gorgeous new kitchen cabinets and that's having to clean the fingerprints and smudges off your kitchen cabinet doors daily!  These obscure glass and patterned glass designs still give the homeowner the appeal of high-end glass kitchen cabinet doors without taxing them with the necessity of ongoing cleaning as the patterned glass hides the fingerprints and smudges much better.

Scroll through the images to see what type of glass you think will look best in your kitchen cabinet doors.  

Single Panel Glass for Kitchen Cabinet Doors

If you have already purchased, or are considering purchasing cabinets with panels, most of the cabinet doors are designed for a single pane of glass- even if it appears that there are multiple panels. Read all the specs on your cabinet doors and you'll likely see that they call for a single pane of glass, which can be in the multiple glass patterns we provide at Integrity Windows.

This kitchen cabinet door is usually referred to as a Single Panel Glass Pane Door and in most cases the kitchen cabinet company does not provide the glass. It is a cabinet door for a single pane of glass.


Single Panel Kitchen Cabinet Glass Door

Six Panel Glass for Kitchen Cabinet Doors

While many other types of kitchen cabinet doors are made to look like there are six, or eight, ten or more separate panes of glass, but in fact the cabinet doors pictured here, usually referred to as a Six Panel Glass Pane Door, are also made for a single pane of glass.  Again, read the kitchen cabinet door specifications carefully and look for something that says "made for a single glass pane".  

Integrity Windows provides all your patterned glass for any kitchen cabinet doors. Whether you're a do-it-yourselfer and simply want to order the glass from us, or you're working with a kitchen remodeler who has advised you to find the glass you want for your kitchen cabinets, we are happy to provide a free estimate for your kitchen cabinet glass panes.  The image below is a list of our over 20 different types of patterned glass that can be custom ordered to fit your kitchen cabinet doors from our glass fabrication company.

Feel free to call Integrity Windows with any questions you have about what type of glass to order for your kitchen cabinets at 216-280-5800 or fill out our contact us form.


Single Panel Kitchen Cabinet Glass Door

Patterned Glass for Your Kitchen Cabinet Doors

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