Do you have an older drafty home or large exterior walls with subtle bows and dips? This home owner in Twinsburg, Ohio was renovating an older farm house.  When we met for our free estimate we discovered that energy efficient options were a huge plus for this family in order to keep the heat bill down in the winter and eliminate the drafts and cold spots throughout the house.  Although energy efficient replacement windows would certainly help with the drafts around the windows the home owner was considering other energy efficient methods of tightening up all the drafts.

After reviewing the various vinyl siding options this homeowner chose to go with our insulated vinyl siding engineered with a rigid foam backing that not only insulates the home but also provides a nice sleek long line on those large exterior walls that is resistant to impacts from weather, baseballs and other incidental high-speed contact that can leave hollow siding full of dents.

We carry a number of insulated vinyl siding products with the most popular being our 7-inch single lap vinyl siding, 4-inch triple Dutch lap vinyl siding and 6-inch double lap vinyl siding – all stylish options for improving the energy efficiency of your home in over 20 different colors.  Whether you’re looking for insulated vinyl siding, decorative vinyl siding or  more standard vinyl siding, we have the right product for your budget and needs and can review all your options when we learn more about you and your home during our Free Estimate process.

Double-Hung Windows & Vinyl Siding Installation Twinsburg, Ohio
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