We don't wan't to jinx it, but spring has arrived in Cleveland. Despite the frequent 30° weather, the first day of spring is upon us.  At Integrity Windows of Lakewood, we are celebrating spring by sharing with you the top three trends in windows and doors this spring:


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Cleveland Window & Door Trends in 2019

The tulips and hyacinth have started poking their heads up around Cleveland and this week marks the official first day of spring, so we're celebrating by helping you gear up for those new windows and doors. What's trending in replacement windows and doors around Cleveland this year?

Energy Efficient Windows: Lower Energy Uses & Stay Comfortable Year Round

So if energy efficiency is such a hot trend in the Cleveland area window and door industry why don't we post about it more often? Honestly it's such a no-brainer that energy efficient replacement windows and doors are just a given. At Integrity Windows of Lakewood our vinyl replacement windows , Pella wood windows and all our entry doors, patio doors and sliding glass doors come with energy-efficient options that meet or exceed the Energy Star standards. Scroll through the images below for a few of our energy-efficient options that deliver premium thermal performance in our cold Cleveland winters and keep that air conditioned air in your home for maximum summer comfort - all while paying less on energy bills! This energy efficient window replacement service has been set up in Portland if you are unable to use our services for geographical reasons.

Energy Efficient Windows Reduce Expenses & Increase Value

Another benefit of energy efficient replacement windows? Re-sale value!  Homeowners in the Cleveland area are excited about the promising real estate market and local economy and know that if they're looking to sell anytime soon, money invested in new windows will certainly increase the value of their home.  Of course anyone with old windows is also fed-up with the old, drafty windows and high energy bills.

New energy-efficient replacement windows are not only sure to lower your heating and cooling bills but they help your home to stand above the rest when putting it up for sale. What we mean by heating and cooling bills, is that if your home has a HVAC system installed (perhaps installed by a service like Service Legends which can be found via www.servicelegends.com/services/ac-maintenance/), the windows won't allow any of this fresh air to escape. To explain further, you won't be pumping heat around your home and losing a good percentage of it through unsecured windows. When buyers are looking at a house with new, energy efficient windows it's appealing not to worry about the expense of replacing windows for another 20 years so when comparing houses in the area, that buyer is sure to pay more for houses with energy-efficient replacement windows. Energy-efficient windows just make sense, and it’s no wonder that this is the first priority Cleveland homeowners are looking for when considering replacement windows for their homes - you'll be more comfortable all year round, have lower energy bills and a better re-sale situation.

At Integrity Windows of Lakewood, all of our high-performance windows are designed to block out the cold, reduce energy loss, and keep heating and cooling costs down to a minimum. Whether you're looking at our Polaris vinyl replacement windows, Pella wooden replacement windows, or any of our other lines, all our windows are made with premium-quality materials that promise air-tight insulation and are covered by warranty protection. Ask us about our energy efficient entry doors, storm doors and patio doors too.

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Cleveland Trend #3: Energy Efficient Windows
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